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Referral Page Pic 

Did you know that we have a teacher referral page on the DVMTA Website?  Teachers have their their general location marked on a map, which may be clicked on to open a page with the teacher name, contact information, picture, and education/studio information.  You can check out the Referral Page to see how it all works.

The normal cost for this service is $25 per year.  However, we all know the economy isn’t the best right now, and many teachers are in need of new students.  Because of this, the DVMTA Board has passed the “Teacher Referral Stimulis Package” and the cost for this service has been reduced to a mere $10 for the year.  The teachers who already have their names on the site remain so for this year at no further cost.

To take advantage of this service, just click here for information on how to sign up. Lets see if we our map covered with little red balloons for teacher referrals!

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